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Mr. Terry of Mr. Terry Hair Designs in Atlanta, GA states that "hair which is mainly protein is easily damaged by pollutants, stress, illness and a poor diet."  He also says improper shampoos can strip away natural protective coatings, stunting the hair growth and causing breakage.

As a first step in replenishing the hair and restoring it to its natural state, Mr. Terry provides an initial hair analysis consultation using a hair analyzer and a microscopic analyzer. This diagnostic process determines the degree of damage and sets the stage for the prescriptive treatments needed.

After 20 years of salon testing, Mr. Terry has successfully developed a unique hair care system designed to restore essential oils and provide treatments needed to maintain beautiful and healthy hair.

Mr Terry's Treatment Options:

  • Buffer - Cleans the hair and revitalizes the cortex by removing build up that is deposited by shampoos, relaxers, colors, etc.
  • Strengthen - Strengthen the cortex to protect the hair follicles, add body and allow the hair to accept chemical treatment.
  • Strength/Moisturizing - Recommended for hair that is thinning and lifeless; makes hair thick and full.
  • Moisturizing - Replaces the protein balance that is lost by over exposure to sun, chlorinated water, regular tap water, harsh chemicals, and the misuse of heated styling devises.
  • Magnesium - A trio-magnesium compound that adjusts the PH in order to stabilize the hair.

Mr. Terry's Steamer Treatment offers:

  • Blood circulation to promote hair growth
  • Elimination of toxins from the scalp & hair for better penetration
  • Thickening by adding moisture & strength to hair
  • Adds body to thinning hair
  • Stabilization of PH levels

Please link to Mr. Terry's website for additional information about his products and services.

BUSINESS NAME: Mr. Terry's Hair Design and Treatment Center
PHONE: (404) 767-5988
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